To shortly introduce myself

My name is Yanina. I have always been interested in observing and understanding human behavior.
I am a multi-passionate, motivated, detail-oriented designer who works with a well-thought-out, target-oriented plan.
My educational background entails a Master's degree in Textile Design.
My Values
Social change: I want to invest my time, energy, and creativity to be directly involved in helping others.
I would like my work to be of direct benefit to a community and in this way contribute to society.
Motivation: I am always up to challenges. I work hard for my professional accomplishments toward expertise and I believe efforts should be recognized and rewarded. I feel honored in the role of motivating my team.
Learn on the go: I love to read, debate, to brainstorm. This is how I am in constant self-improvement.
I like to share my knowledge and I appreciate feedback.
Showing empathy and kindness: This is the most loving action we can do for humanity.
My Interests